Breakfast  Fare is available for all Events. For details contact us at 386-866-0212 (Flagler County & Volusia County) and 904-717-1237 (St Johns County & Duval County)

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complete the
Catering Questionnaire (CQ) below 
- send your CQ to WORLDPLATECaterer@gmail
(Flagler & Volusia)
-send your CQ to WORLDPLATEStAugustine@gmail
(St Johns & Duval)
- team member will contact you to go over your Event

Catering Questionnaire

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48 hours required on all orders

 price based on up to 3 hours of service time 
20% gratuity to be applied

24 hours required on all 1/2 pans and full pans | H= 1/2 pan (serves 4-6) | F= full pan (serves 8-10)

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* price is subject to change

• A minimum of 24 hours is required for half pan, full pan and hors d'oeuvre orders. A minimum of 48 hours is required for crostinis, canapes, sliders, platters and salad ​orders.

• A deposit is required for all catering orders


• A fillable credit card authorization form (see below) must be completed and submitted via email

• Customer will receive an email confirming order and date/time of pick up or delivery

 price is subject to change

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48 hours required on all orders

A Catering Questionnaire (CQ) is required (see below) for all Events. Please complete the CQ below, once completed, please submit to: Once submitted, you will receive notification and a phone call will be scheduled to discuss your Event. 

A tasting (events with 75+ guests) can be scheduled Monday or Tuesday between 5p-7p. We offer to-go tasting samplers. 


Thank you for your order, you will receive an email confirming your order along with your pickup/delivery time.

 price is subject to change

Catering Questionnaire

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